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Project Statuses

Mental Fusion - 85%
FusionBB - 2%
This webpage is built with W3C compliant HTML5.
This webpage is built with W3C compliant CSS3.
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Hello, I'm Michael Brown. I'm a web developer currently based in Houston, TX.

I have ~14 years of web development experience. I love learning and challenges, and I'm more than willing to jump in head first into any unknown territory.

Please take a moment to review a couple of my past projects or just browse around this site as it is an ever-changing sample of my work.


Below is a list of the various technologies I am familiar with as well as a subset of abilities with each:

  • PHP
    • MVC Design Pattern
    • CodeIgniter
    • SimpleXML & XPath
    • Factory Design Pattern
  • MySQL
    • EAV Database Model
    • phpMyAdmin & Command Line
    • Database Design & Administration
  • JavaScript
    • Prototyped Class Objects
    • jQuery
    • XMLHttpRequest Objects (AJAX)
    • Events & Event Handlers
  • HTML & CSS
    • XHTML & HTML5
    • CSS2.1 - CSS3
    • CSS Sprites
    • Tableless Designs
    • Standards Compliance
    • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Version Control
    • SVN
    • Git

Sample Work

MegaTeeth.com - Museum Quality Megalodon Shark Teeth MegaTeeth - Museum Quality Megalodon Shark Teeth PHP / MySQL / XHTML / CSS / CSS3 / LAMP MegaTeeth.com specializes in selling museum-quality megalodon shark teeth that have been found by site owner Bill Eberlein.

PHP and MySQL were used for the back-end (LAMP stack). MySQL stores the data for all products on the site and PHP services up those products for customers to view. XHTML and CSS (with elements of CSS3) are used to present the site to customers.

My role on this site was the design and building of the site as well as maintaining the site in the case of any issues; the client maintains all content. To visit MegaTeeth, click here.

Tsudeki's MMORPG Reviews Tsudeki's MMORPG Reviews PHP / MySQL / XHTML / CSS / JavaScript / LEMP Tsudeki's MMORPG Reviews is an old hobby site of mine that I managed in my free time. The site is now largely inactive; however, it has withstood the test of time over the years and is still XHTML and CSS valid.

PHP and MySQL in a LEMP (Linux, EngineX (nginx), MySQL, PHP) stack are used to service up the site and the SEO URIs for reviews. The site integrates with phpBB, open-source forum software, to present the news feed and manage logins to the site.

A JavaScript AJAX function is used to validate logins via phpBB's user database and another JavaScript function is used to present the image popups for reviews.

To visit Tsudeki's MMORPG Reviews, click here.

Mental Fusion Mental Fusion PHP / MySQL / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript / jQuery / LEMP Mental Fusion is intended to be a portfolio and blog of sorts. The intention of the site is to help me keep my coding in practice as well as potentially teach someone else some of what I know.

The site was developed in a LEMP stack with a PHP and MySQL back-end and an HTML5/CSS3 front-end with elements of JavaScript and jQuery tossed in for effect. The layout designed itself as I built the website (I am not a designer).

The Examples are mostly my musings about what I've picked up in various coding environments, using various coding technologies, over the years. I try to keep the information posted straight-forward and easy enough for a novice to understand. If I've failed at that, feel free to contact me and let me a know your thoughts.

The Projects area is where all of my hobby development resides. Projects requiring a PHP/MySQL (or both) back-end are hosted on GitHub, with the exception being the Mental Fusion website itself.


If you wish to contact me for any reason, please use my contact form.

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