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Posted: February 29, 2012 12:16 PM CST by Michael
FusionBB is a bulletin board hobby project of mine that serves no real purpose other than to help me keep my coding in practice and so I can explore different areas of PHP, MySQL, and other technologies that I may have not explored before.

There is a git repo available for this project: FusionBB github Page

This project uses a PHP factory design where all information is handled by a single index.php file. The factory object takes the data passed to it and renders the correct view based on the URI information.

The URI takes the same form of "index.php/Forum+Name-ForumID/Thread+Title-ThreadID/PageNum" to try and add a bit of SEO without the need for special rewrites. The "index.php" can be removed by using server-side rewrites (either by way of an .htaccess file for Apache systems, a rewrite rule in an nginx config file, or other method of your choosing based on your server software).

The forum itself is just a skeleton at the moment, but more development of the forum will take place over the next few weeks and I hope to have something tangible (actually usable by visitors of the site) in about a month.
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